Monday, 9 February 2009


"Lucky" - commissioned watercolour of a pet cat on watercolour board. 297x210mm

"The Happy Couple" - Commissioned wedding portrait in oils on canvas. 300x500mm

"Look Mummy" - acrylics on acrylic board/300x245cm. Based on the opening phrase of the Pink Floyd song: Goodbye, Blue Sky from The Wall. Sold on Ebay.

"Tosca" - Acrylics on canvas/300x500mm. Commissioned portrait of a pet dog.

"Tasha and James" - Acrylics on canvas/300x500cm. Commissioned birthday gift of a couple.

"Syd Vicious" - Acrylics on canvas/210x297cm. Birthday gift to a friend.

"The Lantern at Reeth" - Oils and Gouache on canvas/297x410mm. Gift to parents.

"Puck" - Watercolour and ink on paper/210x297mm. Illustration in personal portfolio.

"The Lord is my Shepherd" - Acrylics on grey cardboard/1189x841mm - A piece I did in my first year at university.

"Nana and Granddad" - Acrylics, ink, watercolour pencils, and glitter-glue on canvas/300x500cm - A gift for my Grandparents.

All of these paintings can be seen in greater detail here

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