Friday, 25 March 2011

A look back...

Foundation Art
Here's just a quick look back at the work I did in my BTEC Diploma Foundation Art way back in 2006...
These assemblage pieces marked a turning point in my work, where I went from being interested in art, painting pretty pictures and taking pretty photographs, to actually making something of substance. It's also where I started to use a lot of the techniques that I would eventually carry across to the world of theatre and props. It's also the year that I first branched out into film and sound installation (see below), so a lot of changes there!

"One of These Days..." - My first assemblage piece.

A treasure chest full of objects - each had a specific meaning.
I made the treasure chest from scratch out of an old shoebox, lots of cardboard, papier mache, paint and varnish, and lined the inside with fabric. It even has a secret compartment in the lid!

The Big Bad Wolf - part of the installation of the same name in my final Foundation Year show. The sound has actually been added to this video later - it originally was separate, coming out of the earpiece of the telephone in the installation. The installation consisted of three large assemblage panels attached to the walls - two were made to look like the inside of 'Granny's cottage', the other consisted of the harrowing view of a soiled red hoodie tangled in the branches of some tree. There was also a small cabinet within the space on top of which was the phone with the sound installation, and nearby a small window with a screen on the other side showing the video.

Some close-ups of the assemblage panels.

The phone emitting the sound installation - people would pick up the receiver and listen whilst watching the film which was on a screen nearby.

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  1. Was lovely to see your work on your blog today. Some really gorgeous stuff in here! Looking forward to future entries!