Thursday, 12 January 2012

Graphic Design - Forbidden Planet

Among the many things I had to do for YAT's Return to the Forbidden Planet were a few scraps of graphics.

Firstly I had to do a re-design of an original Forbidden Planet poster - the director wanted me to change it just enough to look different, but wanted it basically the same. So I changed the characters to look a bit like the actual actors, changed a few colours and added my own sky. The line-art was done by hand, and then I coloured it in Photoshop. You can see the final poster with the text and details added by Bill Compton at the bottom.

Next task was to design the ship's logo for the characters' costumes. I researched 1950's and 60's car and airline logos, and then spent a few days sketching things down until I had something I liked the look of. It is loosely based on the NASA logo. To make it extra-special, I included the YAT logo on the design of the rocket - maybe we'll use this again in the future!

Finally, I had to design some space-age holiday posters, the type of which might be hung in a space-shuttle departure lounge. I used a found image from the internet for each one, changing the colours on Photoshop and adding text, graphics, and of course my logo design. Click on each picture to see the original.

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